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Alkoholiks Hiphop Drunkies
All Falls Down Acapella
All I Want Is The Bass
Allisha Warren Discover Me
Alpha66 Forever
Am Horny
Amazing Grace
Amber Above The Clouds
Amber Sexual
Amen Only U
Amon Tobin && Jurassic 5 Verbal && Quality Control
An Open Letter To Nyc A Cappella
Anastacia I'm Outta Love
Andy Mathee Vs Billy Jack Williams Party Children
Angel Moraes Turn It Up
Ann Lee Ring My Bell
Annette Taylor Faith Pharmacy
Annie Lennox Little Bird
Anthony Moriah Whatcha Doin' Now
Antoinette Who's The Boss
Anton Feat Dj Oetzi Anton Aus Tirol
Apogee This Sound
Apollo 440 Raw Power

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Adina Howard Swerve On
Adrenaline Damn, That Dj Made My Day
Africanism Do It
Afrika Bamaataa & The Soul Sonic Force Planet Rock
Afrika Bambaata Just Get Up
Afrika Bambaata Pupunanny
Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force Planet Rock
Afrika Bambaataa Funky Heroes
Afrika Bambaataa
Afroman Because I Got High
Akabu Feat Linda Clifford Ride The Storm
Akon Ghetto
Akon Locked Up Ft Styles P Diy
Al Green Could This Be The Love
Alanis Morrisette Your House
Aleena Turn It Around
Alex C Just Dance
Alex Gopher Party People
Alexia All Broken Hearted
Alexia Me And You
Alexia Number One
Alfredo Pareja Good Vibration
Alicia Keys Girlfriend
Alicia Keys If I Ain't Got You
Alicia Keys Woman's Worth

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Beastie Boys Intergalactic
Eminem Sing For The Moment
No Scrubs
Norman Cook Samples & Scratches
A La Dj Starky #1 The Residents
A Littleofthis
A Teens Upsidedown
A Tribe Called Quest & Fugees
Aaliya Inconnue
Aaliyah Are You That Somebody
Aaliyah Feat Timbaland We Need A Resolution
Aaliyah Rock The Boat
Aaliyah Try Again
Abc Millionaire
Acapela Fatmanscoop
Busta Rhymes Light Your Ass On Fire
Jayz Izzo
Jennifer Lopez Play
Ace Of Base Cruel Summer
Adelle Foley Haikus Part 2
Adelle Foley Haikus Part 4
Adeva In And Out Of My Life
Adina Howard Freak And U Know It
Adina Howard Freak Like Me

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2 Brothers On The 4th Floor Kick In The Bass
2 In A Room Ahora Es
2 In A Room Wiggle It 20
2 Live Crew Party
2 Many Djs Howard Beale Protest Speech
2 Pac & 50 Cent Let 'em Have It
2 Pac & Snoop Dogg Wanted Dead Or Alive
2 Pac Changes
2 Pac Hell For A Hustler
2 Pac Home Boyz
2 Pac Niggaz Nature
2 Pac Outlawz Still I Risebaby Dont Cry Remix
2 Pac Pain
2 Pac Temptationz
2 Pac Wanted Dead Oralive
2 Pac Who Do You Believe In
2 Static Feel The Beat
2 Sweet Bomba Latina
3 The Hard Way A Cappella
3d Once More
4th Avenue Jones Move On
5o Cent In Da Club
20 Fingers Lick It
20 Fingers Short Dick Man
042pacthugzmansion(ny)(ft Nas)2pacmp3

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как обычно не маленький архив семплов, много интересного

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как всегда кидаю большими файлами, но лучше так чем по чуть чуть,

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небольшая подборка сэмплов

Тип: Другие | Скачали: 4927 раз| | Рейтинг: 4.0/1


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